Guest Article: Building on Gitlab CI

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January 29, 2016
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September 27, 2016

Guest Article: Building on Gitlab CI


This article written by Pierre de La Morinerie, talks about a new system used for building web-app. Instead of building web-app using Jenkins, companies can now use a robust and proven solution—which polls their repositories every minute, and is built with the appropriate integration and production branches. To host source-code and perform merge-requests, they’re using a self-hosted instance of GitLab. This solution also features an integrated build system: GitLab-CI. It mentions the challenges of using Jenkins — configuration issues pertaining to build job being stored in an external admin-restricted tool, absence of right credentials to edit the build configuration etc. It also mentions the benefits of using GitLab-CI. Lastly, it talks about how lowering the barrier to entry for CI is a good thing for engineering quality and developer happiness.

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